The intersect between Employee Experience and Customer Experience

When considering how these two experiences work together, it’s a simple equation:   Employee Experience (EX) + Customer Experience (CX) = Customer Success (CS)   Keep in mind, it’s not to say that this equation automatically ensures your customer will achieve success; instead, EX and CX combined result in the all-important successful relationship with your […]

EX and CX Go Hand-in-Hand But How Do They Factor Into Hybrid Work?

As some companies call for employees to be back in the office, hybrid work is becoming the norm. Big-name companies such as Amazon and Google are asking for employees to split work between in-office and at-home time. While some companies cite creativity as a reason to get together, others have a more flexible attitude and […]

Remote Work: A Positive or Negative Impact on Mental Health?

Many of today’s employees have been working remotely for about a year and a half now. While some likely anticipated they would be back in the office by summer, others are relishing their freedom. Either way, as the pandemic has dragged on, this style of working has remained a popular choice for employers. With countless […]

Asynchronous: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

“Asynchronous” — it’s just a fancy word for your team’s communication and workflow that doesn’t occur in real-time, but asynchronous communication can have big impacts on your organization, both good and bad.   Asynchronous communication and work allow for more flexible work schedules, collaboration across time zones, and more productive remote working environments, but on […]

Is Remote Work Right For Your Company?

In the Future Workforce Pulse Report, which took a look at the status of remote work throughout the United States in December 2020, we learned that nine months since the pandemic began and many employees began working remotely, nearly 42% of the American workforce remained fully remote. While hiring managers expect that number to go […]

CX Strategies Must Change as Companies Scale

Scaling your startup or mid-market business is exciting. It means growth. The business that you dreamed of starting years ago or that you have shepherded through the trials of early entrepreneurship is finally set itself up for future success that is so close you can nearly touch it.   Scaling, though, requires a lot of […]